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Personal Training
1-on-1 & Small Group Packages Available

Based on your fitness level and goals, we design a unique workout plan specifically for you with a Certified Personal Trainer. Each week presents a new level of difficulty to make sure your body is challenged every time you train. We also offer guidance with your nutrition with a Nutritionalist, teaching you how to make healthy food choices and how to improve your lifestyle step by step.
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Yin YogaPrivate Yoga

Yoga is peaceful journey toward good health and wellness and that accepts you as you are while opening the body emotionally and physically to its unlimited potential. Find the confidence and courage to let go of your busy life and heal through the essence of yoga. Private yoga for a 1-on-1 session with a Yin Yoga Instructor.


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Is Personal Training Right For You?

Are you wondering if personal training is for you? As long as you’re ready to change, the answer is YES. You can never be too out of shape, too young, too old, or too “cool” to start working with a personal trainer. Get fit and promote health and wellness. Our client’s age range extends anywhere from early teens to seniors well into their seventies. Their lifestyles vary as much as their age does, including:

  • Individuals post Physical Therapy looking to rebuild their strength and stamina
  • High school athletes looking to excel at their sport
  • New moms looking to get back in shape after pregnancy
  • Grandparents who need more strength and energy to keep up with their grandchildren
  • People who simply want to build muscle or lose weight and tone up
  • Business professionals who are on a tight schedule
  • Beginner runners or triathletes who want to gain a competitive edge
  • Experienced athletes who want to continue to compete and dominate their sport

We could go on but then we’d be writing a book. The bottom line is that we help very different people with various goals every single day. Whether it is to get fit, promote health and wellness, weight loss, need sports training or private yoga – our personal certified trainers are here to help. If we haven’t come across someone like you with your specific fitness goals, then we will happily accept the challenge and figure out the answer and guide you to the outcome you’re looking for. We are here to help you, but first you must answer the question — Are YOU ready to change?

It’s Not Our Job, It’s What We Live For

The foundation of Equilibrium Personal Training is based on a custom and personalized system for each client. We not only work as individual trainers but as a team educating and supporting each other and creating methods to help every Equilibrium client reach their health and fitness goals. As a team we share knowledge, solve problems and promote strong relationships within our gym.

Become Who You Were Born to Be

Proudly Serving: McHenry County, Lake and Cook Counties to include the cities of Cary, Barrington, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington Hills, Palatine, Fox River Grove, Trout Valley, Lake Zurich, Port Barrington, Oakwood Hills, Holiday Hills and Wauconda.