Steven Kolhouse – Personal Trainer – Group Circuit Trainer

Since 1998, Steven has dedicated his life to the cultural manifestation and martial art that is capoeira. Capoeira is a very physically demanding art form that requires elite levels of balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. He has traveled the world to teach, compete, and perform on 4 different continents. Through his training, Steven discovered the importance of strength training and conditioning. His training focus revolves around developing a strong core while improving joint mobility, posture and balance. Steven is well versed in different teaching and training techniques and can adapt to effectively train clients of all skill levels and experience.

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  • Personal Trainer

  • Professor of Capoeira

  • Regarded as one of the top US Born Capoeira Practitioners in the World

  • International Training, Teaching, Competing, and Performing Experience since 1998

  • 2005 Capoeira US Open 1st Place Winner

  • 2016 Brazilian Capoeira World Championships Competitior

  • Taught Seminars in: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, England, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Macau, Phillipines, Thailand, and multiple states across the U.S.A.

  • Amateur MMA Fighting & Training Experience

  • Brazilian Percussionist and Singer

  • Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese


  • I worked with Steven for eight sessions (and a free consultation session). Equilibrium and Steven provided me exactly what I wanted from a personal trainer. Every week had a workout tailored specifically for me, and I learned how to target specific muscle groups and proper form for both free weights and machines. The atmosphere was very friendly and private. Equilibrium was also very helpful in accommodating my busy schedule.

    Alexander P.
  • After going through breast cancer treatment in 2006, I realized I had to make mu mind and body as strong and healthy as possible in order to prevent reoccurrence. At that time I enlisted Beata as my personal trainer. From that moment on my life changed into an ongoing, positive, and very happy direction. Beata knows my capabilities and limitations even better than I know myself. Because of her I have surpassed expectations I didn’t even know I had. The variety of workouts are endless. Every workout is a challenge, and every workout involves more than a few laughs. The knowledge Beata has given me regarding all things healthy is priceless. My relationship with her is truly the ultimate love/hate relationship. I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s 8 years later, I’m 57 years old, 50 pounds lighter and 6 sizes smaller. I am in the very best shape of my life, and I continue to grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. It is NEVER to late … thank you Beata!

    Lisa F
  • I was introduced to Peter as of 12/04/06. From the very beginning, I was very impressed with the caring persona my new trainer possessed. Always professional, but never closed off to intimate detail regarding discussing food binges, emotional eating or sedentary lifestyles. Peter changed my way of thinking completely! In other words, it was not about the physical mechanics only. He showed me a whole new approach to how I make food choices and the difference in eating when the body is hungry and not eating to fill a void. Boredom, anger, worry, anxiety, stress are usual factors. I am happy to say that I was able to conquer these elements with Peter’s help and nurturing expertise.

    I went from not exercising at all to a total average of five times a week. Peter is a fine example of what an ideal Personal Trainer should be: consistence, discipline, and showing by practicing himself what he values and teaches. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, I proudly eat so much better, and I look forward to exercising on a daily basis.

    Renee G
  • I have been one of Peter’s clients since March 2007 and have been training with him 3 times a week. We have established a great working relationship in such a short time. The most important thing I can say about Peter is that he is truly dedicated in helping his clients begin a “new way of life”. He is a strong believer in eating healthy, working out and does a great job of leading by example. He has the ability of providing the right amount of discipline without becoming “parent like” or “intrusive” and has taken the time during our off days to send a quick text message with positive instructions and reminders of “what not to do”. Peter is always extremely patient and flexible about modifying a workout when necessary, as well as working with my schedule. This is the first time that I have worked with a trainer and, although I was initially hesitant, my experience has been a positive one.

    Alejandra M.
  • After about 30 years of running with minimal stretching, my hips and calves were so tight that it was causing issues throughout my lower body. After only a few Thai Massage sessions with Kandy, I could already feel the tangible benefits. Through applying pressure and stretching, she has been able to loosen muscles that have been tight for years. I am hooked! In addition, Kandy is a delight to be with and has a positive, inspirational approach to life that adds to the overall experience.

  • In 2007 I ran the Chicago Marathon. Conditions were horrible and I was disappointed with my time. I re-ran the race in 2009. My goal was to break the 4 hour mark. Based upon my skill level, this was a somewhat aggressive goal. Marcin prepared a detailed training schedule to help me achieve my goal. It wasn’t easy – but the humorous comments Marcin made in my log book were amusing. The most important point is that I followed 90% of his instructions and finished the race in 3:59:11. This was a huge accomplishment for me at age 48! Marcin was also great about tailoring the workout schedule to fit within my busy life. Peter, who is my personal trainer at Equilibrium, was indispensable in helping me follow through on the training program by assisting me with strength training, core training and general fitness advice.

    I recently registered for the half ironman taking place in Racine, Wisconsin in July. Marcin once again prepared a detailed training program for me.

    Charles H.
  • Taking this class allowed me to have my first injury free running season. My lower back pain was gone, my knee didn’t bother me anymore, I had more energy and was even able to recover faster after long runs. On top of everything I finally achieved my marathon goal time.

    Lisa S.
  • Working with Amy was enlightening and extremely informative. She helped our entire family to create a plan and we all feel better than ever. Thanks to her kitchen tips, ways of ordering out healthfully and meal planning made it easy for the whole family to get involved. My husband’s cholesterol dropped 30 points I got off all my medication and we are all now a healthy body weight. These are changes we live with forever and we feel great!

    Sara & Family
  • Because of a back injury, I decided to take private yoga to regain strength in my muscles. Being a beginner at that time, the personal focus served as an excellent introduction to yoga. I was shown many stretches pertaining to my lower back, and the one-on-one instruction helped me a lot as the instructor helped me do the stretches correctly.

    Camilla T
  • Yoga is one of the elements in my weight loss plan. Never before would I have thought that it would have such an impact on that process. Yoga taught me how to breath in order to control my emotions as well as how to reduce stress. When under stress or when feeling emotional I was never able to control my bad eating habits. Now I am much more disciplined and I can say that Yoga helped me balance my body and mind.

    Joanna T
  • I have always been interested in giving Yoga a try, but was having trouble finding a beginner class. The Hot Yoga class at Equilibrium was a perfect fir for me. The class is very soothing from beginning to end. Walking into the studio, set at a warm, comfortable temperature with soothing music, made me feel like I was entering a spa! Kandy’s voice is an added plus, providing a moment of peace and harmony!

  • Having a personal trainer makes me feel accountable to someone. I think about Kasia when I don’t eat right. She’s in my head telling me what I should be doing. I have not worn a two-piece bathing suit since I was 17, and this year at Spring break I will again, 30 years later. It’s the best money I have ever spent and it’s just for me!

    Karen B

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