Marcin Kadzielawski — Personal Trainer – Leg Endurance & Core – Runner & Triathlete Trainer

If you feel that your youth might be over, I can prove that it’s not. It’s not up to us how fast the time passes, but it does depend on us and our mindset what our body is capable of doing and how it ages.

Since I began my career as a personal trainer I have been successfully helping people to improve their lifestyle ad achieve their personal fitness goals. By tailoring each workout based on the individual’s needs, I try to create the ultimate fitness experience, stimulating the body and the mind. In addition to weight loss, nutrition and body sculpting, I specialize in sport-specific athletic training, and designing duathlon, triathlon and running programs.

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  • Personal Trainer since 1999

  • NSCA Certified

  • NCSF Certified

  • Competitive Triathlete

  • Multiple Marathon Finisher

  • Ironman Finisher

  • My race results on Athlinks


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