Kasia Kadzielawski — Personal Trainer

My work is my passion and it’s based on a combination of my education, my experiences and working with a diverse clientele. I have a big desire to find the key to reveal each individual’s needs and problems. In addition to providing a great workout for my clients, I also educate them how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by giving them the tools that can be plugged into their own lives.

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  • Personal Trainer since 2000

  • IFPA Certified

  • EFI Sports Medicine Gravity Instructor

  • Competitive Triathlete

  • Graduated from Academy of Physical Education

  • Multiple Marathon Finisher

  • Ironman Finisher

  • My race results on Athlinks

  • Elite Swimmer


  • Having a personal trainer makes me feel accountable to someone. I think about Kasia when I don’t eat right. She’s in my head telling me what I should be doing. I have not worn a two-piece bathing suit since I was 17, and this year at Spring break I will again, 30 years later. It’s the best money I have ever spent and it’s just for me!

    Karen B
  • At age 51 I weighed over 270 pounds. My goal was to lose weight so I could look good enough to be in a picture with my son when he graduates from the 8th grade. Four months into my training I’m already 30 pounds lighter. What I’m learning is training for life. It isn’t a “diet” I’m on, it’s a new way of looking at food. The knowledge she imparts on food, the good and bad, makes me think before I eat.

    Edyth L

Kasia in Action

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