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Being a student of yoga allowed me to experience a healing journey that began with a sports injury.  Seeking a solution for my reconstructed knee and low back pain; the continual practice cultivated muscular balance and flexibility that sustains my pain-free lifestyle.

As a teacher, I inspire practitioners to find the confidence and the courage to let go of their “busy” lives and heal through the essence of yoga.  Yoga is peaceful journey that accepts you as you are while opening the body emotionally and physically to its unlimited potential.

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  • 200 RYT from Blue Sun Yoga

  • Level 1 Thai Massage from Thai Massage School

  • Bachelor of Science in Education from NIU

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  • After about 30 years of running with minimal stretching, my hips and calves were so tight that it was causing issues throughout my lower body. After only a few Thai Massage sessions with Kandy, I could already feel the tangible benefits. Through applying pressure and stretching, she has been able to loosen muscles that have been tight for years. I am hooked! In addition, Kandy is a delight to be with and has a positive, inspirational approach to life that adds to the overall experience.

  • Because of a back injury, I decided to take private yoga to regain strength in my muscles. Being a beginner at that time, the personal focus served as an excellent introduction to yoga. I was shown many stretches pertaining to my lower back, and the one-on-one instruction helped me a lot as the instructor helped me do the stretches correctly.

    Camilla T
  • Yoga is one of the elements in my weight loss plan. Never before would I have thought that it would have such an impact on that process. Yoga taught me how to breath in order to control my emotions as well as how to reduce stress. When under stress or when feeling emotional I was never able to control my bad eating habits. Now I am much more disciplined and I can say that Yoga helped me balance my body and mind.

    Joanna T
  • I have always been interested in giving Yoga a try, but was having trouble finding a beginner class. The Hot Yoga class at Equilibrium was a perfect fir for me. The class is very soothing from beginning to end. Walking into the studio, set at a warm, comfortable temperature with soothing music, made me feel like I was entering a spa! Kandy’s voice is an added plus, providing a moment of peace and harmony!


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