Beata Kwoczala — Personal Trainer — Group Circuit Trainer

Beata has been a personal trainer for 9 years. She strives to help her clients reach their fitness goals in any way possible. With her expertise and knowledge she designs “comfortable”, yet challenging workout plans to suit each individual. Whether you need to work on losing extra pounds, increase flexibility, improve your technique, or increase endurance, she will guide you right to your ultimate fitness goal. Her motto is: “A healthy body is no accident, it is a product of commitment to healthy living & exercise“.

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  • After going through breast cancer treatment in 2006, I realized I had to make mu mind and body as strong and healthy as possible in order to prevent reoccurrence. At that time I enlisted Beata as my personal trainer. From that moment on my life changed into an ongoing, positive, and very happy direction. Beata knows my capabilities and limitations even better than I know myself. Because of her I have surpassed expectations I didn’t even know I had. The variety of workouts are endless. Every workout is a challenge, and every workout involves more than a few laughs. The knowledge Beata has given me regarding all things healthy is priceless. My relationship with her is truly the ultimate love/hate relationship. I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s 8 years later, I’m 57 years old, 50 pounds lighter and 6 sizes smaller. I am in the very best shape of my life, and I continue to grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. It is NEVER to late … thank you Beata!

    Lisa F

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A Healthy Body is a Product of Commitment

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