Amy Baltes — Registered Dietitian

Amy is the primary consulting dietitian for the Equilibrium Personal Training. Her mission is to help people get healthy by embracing the power of food. She will give down to earth recommendations on how to make better food choices, meal planning, getting to a healthy body weight, balancing hormones, the use of alternative supplements and empowering people on the concepts of whole food nutrition and exercise.

Baltes has over 15 years experience working with people to improve health outcomes such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, women’s health issues, sports enthusiasts and cancer. She has worked as a Dietitian for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, several upscale fitness centers and Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute.


  • Registered Dietitian

  • American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Instructor

  • Bachelor Degree in Human Nutrition & Food Science

  • Avid Runner

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