Leg Endurance & Core

For Runners & Triathletes

This small group, 60 minute workout (8 people max) is structured as a circuit which includes exercises that will challenge your overall strength, core and cardiovascular endurance. Integrating machines, floor and functional exercises, as well as plyometrics will present you with the ultimate challenge.

Why Leg Endurance & Core?

  • Increase muscular endurance, stamina, strength of the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  • Decrease the risk and susceptibility to injury.

  • Maintain posture, form and stride rate when you fatigue.

  • Maintain goal pace and improve resistance to fatigue.

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Leg Endurance & Core Trainer


  • Taking this class allowed me to have my first injury free running season. My lower back pain was gone, my knee didn’t bother me anymore, I had more energy and was even able to recover faster after long runs. On top of everything I finally achieved my marathon goal time.

    Lisa S.

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6 Classes

  • $35 per class

12 Classes

  • $30 per class

18 Classes

  • $25 per class