“Three easy payments…” Is that all it takes to get fit?

There’s No Such Thing as Getting in Shape Quickly & Easily

Many people are searching for an easy solution, a quick fix answer, trying to find a “miracle” machine which will enable them to achieve a physically fit body. New fitness equipment pieces or gadgets appearing on the market every month tend to trick consumers into impulse purchases, and make false promises to get them in shape with little effort.

As a Personal Trainer it can be very irritating to watch a commercial which claims that one specific product is the answer for any individual looking to become fit, or perhaps for someone who has fallen short of a fitness goal in the past. Inspiring the viewers to make the decision to start working out is great, but it seems that by omitting detailed product information or the program it can be incorporated with; many companies are giving people false hope. Viewers watch fitness models using various machines on infomercials and start to believe they can achieve the same body by making the purchase. They don’t realize that the models; who’s fit physiques help sell these “miracle” machines; have been actually working out in fully equipped gyms for years while maintaining strict diets, or are simply blessed with the genetics we all wish to be born with. Consumers need to realize that making one phone call to place an order and “three easy payments” will not get them in shape. However, proper form, consistency, intensity, and variety in their workouts will improve their fitness level significantly.

Form IS Function

Whether you play golf, are a tri-athlete looking to start resistance training, aspiring to build muscle, lose weight, tone up, or simply have more energy; having the proper form during exercise is crucial. Correct form, like a foundation of an amazing piece of architecture cannot be overlooked. When starting a new training program you definitely should begin at the bottom covering the basics, learning the technique. Then, “build” your way up by gradually incorporating more advanced exercises. Many people don’t realize how important it is to pay attention to proper posture, breathing, speed, motion control, or the range of motion during an exercise. A correct repetition is composed of many factors, and using even the most innovative piece of fitness equipment does not ensure results, unless used correctly or incorporated into your workout effectively. Sure, you could start laying “brick” right on the ground and make quick progress initially, but without the proper foundation the structure will start to sink, crack and basically fall apart. Do things right from the start or else you might face a setback caused by an injury.

Stay Focused to Stay Fit

Consistency is key if you truly want to change your body in a positive way and improve health. Two weeks on, three weeks off will not get you to your goal. Working out sporadically will not get the job done. It is important to commit to a lifestyle change where exercise and proper nutrition will be a part of everyday life.

Whether working out at home or out of a gym it is important to remember that the appropriate intensity in a workout is necessary. For that reason staying focused and not getting distracted is crucial. The best way to keep a workout moving is to have a plan. Before starting a program, writing down your goal on a piece of paper and listing out the steps that will get you to your goal will give your workout solid structure. Exercising three times a week might mean that your weekly workout time will be somewhere between three to four hours (that is only if half of that time is not wasted by socializing with your gym buddies). Keep in mind that one week consists of 168 hours, which translates to the workouts taking up only about 2% of your weekly time. If you want to see results, I recommend that during the time you are dedicated to your workout and not worry about anything around you. Focus on your training to counterbalance the 98% of inactivity. Center your attention on your goal and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Change it Up, Your Muscles Will Thank You

Many individuals lack variety in their program. Having worked in several gyms I noticed that people fall into a routine of doing the same workout, using the same equipment week after week. At first they see results, but after a month or two there is no additional change in their body. People should realize that muscles have “memory”. If you keep repeating the same workout eventually your body will stop reacting to it. Your muscles need to be shocked regularly. Depending on the goal; your muscles can be challenged through lifting heavy weights with few repetitions, or sometimes using light weights with many reps. Adding aerobic or functional exercises between resistance training is also an effective way to shock your body. You can try incorporating drop sets, super sets, contrast sets; the options are endless. If hiring a Personal Trainer is not an option then you need to get a little creative, but more importantly do some research.

What’s the Point?

Stop looking for the quick fix answer. There is no “miracle pill”. If you keep consistency, intensity, variety, and proper form in mind; your fitness program will be a success. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the machines we see on TV don’t work. Surely they could be incorporated in your workout program, but don’t be fooled. Using just one machine alone to do the same routine all the time may not give you the promised results portrayed in the infomercial.

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