I absolutely love, love, love Pilates! There are an endless number of benefits! They range from the physical to the emotional and mental.

Besides looking younger, taller, and more fit, you will experience an ease of movement and being- in your body which is hard to describe.

Your core will become incredibly strong which acts as a girdle to strengthen your back.

You will regain flexibility, have more energy, relieve low back pain, and have a feeling of contentment and relaxation.

Pilates exercises are deceptively simple and yet also complex. It is common to wonder if you are doing the exercises correctly when you first begin…this is normal. Just remember, make sure there isn’t any pain in your neck or back, and opt for good form over repetitions.

As Joseph Pilates says “It is the mind that builds the body”. We must listen to and honor our bodies in any workout, so we must connect our mind and body. We coordinate breath with movement. Using the breath properly facilitates each movement.

I love to teach as well as take as many Pilates classes as I can to learn more and become stronger. As we get older, it is important to maintain this healthy lifestyle to keep the body flexible and keep our joints lubricated. There are so many different “props” and exercises and many new tricks of the trade. When I first started my core was weak and, as time went on, the exercises are so much easier for me and I actually have abs!

Keep staying positive, and I would suggest to try at least 3 classes to decide and give your body and mind a chance to “get it”. Start slow, keep at it, and before you know it you will have a 6-pack!


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